Creating Smiles

If you are decorating a child’s bedroom for the first time; searching for a unique gift; looking to re-energising a waiting room; or need something humorous for the downstairs cloakroom - we have a piece of affordable art that will make you smile every day.

Clinton Banbury and ‘Art that Makes you Smile’ have been providing humorous illustrative art for over twenty years. The ever changing collection has grown to a selection of approximately 400 images. So you are sure to find something here to lose the blank wall look in your home and fill it with a smile.

Love Drawing

Clintons work may have become familiar to you over the last 30 years because his illustrations have featured in children’s stories and workbooks, all sorts of information and marketing, and even a series of weekly cartoons for the Sunday Times colour supplements. Currently there are greetings cards on sale in the UK.

It is possible that you have met Clint or seen his work at an art event, in a gallery or on one of the numerous published items over the years. We currently sell original paintings and prints in over twenty locations throughout the year, as well as at our local regular pitch at Stratford-on-Avon on the Waterside Upmarket most Sundays.

He is always busy with the need to create new designs and ideas, which are drawn up in a sketchbook the translated into the finished artwork in the studio. Most work is in line and wash with the line accomplished in black waterproof ink and watercolour used to colour the result. Speed is imperative. Hesitation is impossible. Clint makes it look very easy and sometimes images emerge only after twenty or thirty seconds. But this skill takes an inherent gift for drawing and a lifetime’s employment. Clint loves adding humorous titles to his images giving them extra depth and meaning. People ask, ‘What comes first, the drawing or the caption?’ and the answer is that they both emerge at the sketchbook stage. It isn’t often that an image is left wanting a title for long.

Images are scanned by Zoë (Clint’s wife) and painstakingly prepared for printing. Each one is numbered and signed individually by the artist. They as lightfast any Fine art print ensuring the colours will be as beautifully rich for years to come. We cut all our own mounts from Acid free, double thick Daler mount board and the print is assembled and wrapped to order in our workshop.

A Friendly Company

We don’t think we can produce a better product or at a better price. Originations, printing, mounting, framing and sales are all in house. And we pride ourselves in providing a friendly and open service. You will always will able to speak to Clint or Zoë (unless they are on holiday) and we are always happy to talk through your requirements and help with ideas. We have a lot of artwork to choose from it can sometimes seem a bit daunting task with choosing but no one knows the stock like us.

Thanks for reading this far. And if you are still not convinced here’s what our loyal customers say about us….

Happy Customers